An emergency meeting of the STC discusses military and political developments and approves escalation


Sun, 15-03-2020 02:01 PM, Aden

The Southern Transitional Council STC has rejected the formation of alternative irregular forces that do not belong to the security establishment, to replace it with the southern forces under the security administration of the capital Aden on March 14, 2020.

A meeting of the council’s leaders confirmed their absolute rejection of these attempts and their permanent standing alongside all the forces that contributed to the liberation of the capital Aden and the rest of the southern governorates from the Houthi occupation, and purified them from the Brotherhood’s hotbeds of terrorism, and are still defending the nation’s installations, and fighting in various fronts to confront Houthi and secure the South.

The bodies of the Southern Transitional Council held a meeting chaired by Major General Ahmed Saeed bin Brik, Acting Speaker of the Council, President of the National Assembly, Major General Salem al-Suqtari, Assistant Secretary-General, Major General Fadl Hassan, commander of the military region, and Major General Mohsen Askar, advisor to the President of the Transitional Council for Military Affairs.

 The meeting reviewed the military developments on the burning fronts against the Houthi militia in Karsh and Thurah, the West Coast, and the current situation in Al-Dhale’ fronts in particular.

He emphasized the necessity of supporting the steadfastness of the heroes who line the finest epics on the fronts of North Dhale’, while intensifying efforts and coordination with the leadership of the Arab Alliance to provide requirements of the fronts of equipment, weapons and ammunition, and work to develop radical solutions to treat the wounded and care for the families of the martyrs.

 Participants in the meeting expressed their strong dissatisfaction at preventing the leaders of the negotiating delegation from the transitional council from returning to their homeland, calling on the leadership of the Arab coalition to justify those illogical actions with their sincere ally, despite the position of the council in support of the Riyadh agreement and its positive handling with the implementation of all its provisions, and the continued failure of legitimacy obviously, to lead the coalition politically and militarily and its refusal to implement the terms of the agreement.

The meeting stressed the need for continued security campaigns to purify Aden and the south from terrorist groups and exiles, and to raise the degree of preparedness and maximum alertness to counter any threats to the security and stability of the southern governorates.

 The meeting called on all people of the south to stand together with the southern armed forces and the southern security services and report any suspicious actions, through continuous communication with the numbers of security operations rooms

The meeting warned of the continuation of the series of tampering with the economic resources and the continuous failure of the performance of the internally conflicting Yemeni government and its failure to confront the serious epidemics, and the failure to take any real measures to confront the threat of the spread of the deadly virus Corona, as well as its refusal to abuse our people by not paying salaries and deliberately impeding the work of service institutions.

 The meeting criticized the continued legitimacy in the exclusionary and random appointments and the implementation of the campaigns of killing, abuse and detention of our people in Shabwa, Abyan, Wadi Hadramawt, Al Mahrah and Socotra.

At the end of the meeting, the attendees were surprised at the apparent inaction by the leadership of the Saudi Duty Force 802 in the capital, Aden, and the failure to implement its previous commitment to pay salaries, which negatively affected the conditions of the affiliates of the security services and increased the suffering of their families.

The meeting resulted in the issuance of a number of important decisions regarding the political, military and security escalation that will be implemented directly, provided that the Presidency of the Council and the Military and Security Committee remain in a permanent session to follow up on developments and implement decisions.

Source: Newsyemen