The training course (South24 Center)

South24 Center trains students at the University of Aden on CV Writing


Sat, 23-03-2024 10:04 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

In an innovative move to help college students, South24 Center for News and Studies yesterday held a training course in CV writing for students at the University of Aden. The course was held in partnership with the General Union of Students in the university.

About 100 male and female students received theoretical and practical training on writing a CV during the course, which was held at the headquarters of the College of Medicine in Khormaksar district in Aden.

The training course (South24 Center).

At the start of the course, the Director of the Regional Office of the South24 Center, Jacob Al-Sufyani, spoke about the launch of joint cooperation with the General Union of Students at the University of Aden through this course, which is the first of the programs and activities.

For his part, the President of the General Union of Students, Yahya Al-Tabqi, said the partnership with South24 Center will result in training programs and activities that serve the students of the University of Aden and help sharpen their skills.

For two hours, trainer Abdulrahman Anis explained in detail how to write a CV and its importance in obtaining jobs or scholarships. He explained with examples how to write a correct CV without errors.

The training course (South24 Center).

The training course included the following concepts related to writing a CV:

Introduction to CV writing.
Structure of a CV.
Content of a CV.
Tips for writing a strong CV.
Artificial Intelligence and CV writing.
Introduction to the cover letter.

The training course (South24 Center).

On February 24, South24 Center signed a memorandum of understanding with the General Union of Students. The memorandum stipulated the establishment of training programs and activities for students of the University of Aden, organized by South24 Center.

The University of Aden is the largest and oldest university in the country, and among the oldest in the region.

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