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A training workshop on advanced investigative journalism skills launched in Aden


Sat, 18-05-2024 07:27 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Today, the South24 Center for News and Studies launched a training workshop on Advanced Investigative Journalism Skills in the capital, Aden, in partnership with the German Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) Foundation - Yemen office.

The workshop included 20 male and female journalists from the governorates of South Yemen who have received prior training on the basics of investigative journalism, carried out by the South24 Center, FES, or a reputable entity.

South24 Center

The training workshop will continue during the period from May 18 to 23, with a total of 48 credit hours of intensive training, and is the first joint activity between the South24 Center and the FES Foundation.

The workshop topics included:

The planning stage in producing an investigative report.
The field phase of investigative journalism.
Document analysis: objective analysis of data through coding.
Prepare a visual draft of the investigative report.
Practical examples in structuring an investigation.
Occupational safety and risks.
Ethics of investigative journalism.

More than 100 journalists have applied through the electronic form for the training opportunity during the past couple of weeks.

During the inauguration, which was attended by television channels, the regional director of the South24 Center in Aden, Jacob Al-Sufyani, spoke about the importance of the workshop, which comes within the center’s plans to develop the capabilities of Southern journalists.

South24 Center

Al-Sufyani said: “We thank the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung for choosing South24 Center as a local partner to implement this unique workshop. We look forward to it being the start of long-term bilateral cooperation to develop the capabilities of journalists.”

FES program director in Yemen, Mahmoud Qayyah, urged the trainees to benefit from the workshop and build ideas for investigative journalism that contribute to correcting imbalances in Yemen and shed light on sensitive files.

South24 Center

On June 22, 2023, the head of FES' offices for Jordan and Yemen Dr. Magdalena Kirschner and Mahmoud Qayyah visited the regional office of the South24 Center in Aden.

During the past period, South24 Center has developed local and international partnerships as part of its plans to improve journalism and research activity in South Yemen in particular and Yemen in general.

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