Security source: Al-Qaeda leaders in the stronghold of the Yemeni forces in Abyan


Tue, 21-04-2020 06:49 PM, Aden

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One day after a statement published by the security belt forces in Abyan governorate in South Yemen, in which the third brigade was accused of recruiting members of al-Qaeda in the ranks of the Yemeni government forces in Shokra region of Abyan, a security source revealed to "Soth24" the names of two leaders belonging to al-Qaeda, which are currently within the government forces there

A security source, who did not want to be identified, told Sout24 that the leader of the al-Qaeda organization, "Nasser Mohammed Nasser Lkara'a Al-Baheli," was seen in Shokra region of Abyan, among the members of the government's forces, which are controlled by the Yemeni Islah Party - the Muslim Brotherhood wing in Yemen-.

"Nasser Al-Baheli is the brother of of Al-Qaeda's Emir in Al-Mahfid district of Abyan: "Saeed Mohammed Nasser Lkara'a Al-Baheli." the source said. 

South24 got a picture of Al-Baheli dressed as the Presidential Guard. "That the vehicle on which Al-Baheli appears is a military vehicle was in the coastal city of Shokra,"the source added. 

The another al Qaeda's leader, called "Ahmed Mohsen Ali Basabreen", nicknamed "Assaf" and "he is currently with the legitimate government 's forces in Al-Arqoub region of Abyan."

"The man was seen in Shokra a few days ago driving one of the military vehicles that follow the General Saeed bin Mu’ili (a military general from North Yemen)," he said.

The Southern Transitional Council has repeatedly warned of the presence of al-Qaeda and extremist groups in government forces
The forces, which have been in Abyan since last August 2019, were seeking to storm the strategic capital, Aden, a few days ago, according to military and media sources close to the government, and to expel the forces of the Southern Transitional Council "STC" from the city.

A statement issued by the third brigade presidential protection, said that the accusations of recruiting al-Qaeda members were aimed at insulting the army. He stressed that the brigade and its command are seeking to control Aden.

On Sunday, a military mediation committee succeeded in reducing tension in the region between the STC's forces and the official forces of the Reform Islah Party in Yemen.

A spokesman of the mediation committee said that the two parties agreed to end the tension and work to implement the Riyadh agreement.

The Southern Transitional Council has repeatedly warned of the presence of al-Qaeda and extremist groups in government forces, after the Islah party took control of the military administration in President Hadi's government.

Image: right (Al-Baheli), left (Ba-Sabreen)

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