South Yemen: The STC Welcomes Ceasefire, The Government Escalates War


Tue, 23-06-2020 07:14 PM, Aden

Aden| South24

The Southern Transitional Council welcomed the call of the Arab Coalition for a ceasefire in the governorate of Abyan, as well as stopping the escalation in the rest of the southern governorates, stressing on its permanent position from the beginning towards the importance of the Riyadh Agreement and the need for an immediate return to its implementation, and we value the role of the Arab Coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in supporting peace and stability in the south and Yemen.

In a statement to the STC’s spokesperson, Nizar Haitham, the Council called on Monday evening, "our great southern people to exercise patience and restraint."

Hours after the ceasefire was announced, the STC accused the government militias fighting in Abyan, which is controlled by the Islamic ISLAH Party, of violating this call.

"Our forces have been subjected to numerous attacks by forces and militias loyal to the Brotherhood under the legitimacy's umbrella , in flagrant violation of the coalition declaration," said Nizar Haitham.

He said that these violations will not discourage the STC "from abiding by its position in support of the Arab coalition's.. efforts, and it expresses the strict position of the other side, and contradicts its regional and international loyalties."

Southern forces have been waging fierce battles for 40 days against government forces controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, in Abyan, SouthYemen.

Government militias are trying to storm Aden, eliminate the Riyadh agreement, and impose their presence by force, but they have failed, observers say.

Instead, the STC managed to impose its control on the most important island in South Yemen, "Socotra", and with Socotra the STC are controlling five southern governorates.