STC's supporters in al-Mahra issue IMPORTANT statement


Sun, 26-07-2020 03:04 PM, Aden

Al-Ghaida (Aden press)

Thousands of people staged a demonstration in al-Ghaida, the capital of al-Mahra governorate on Saturday, in support of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and for the self-administration of the South declared on 25 April 2020.

The participants came to the provincial capital from all the districts of al-Mahra in response to the call made by the STC, against all odds and despite all the obstacles made by the militias of Islah party, the Yemeni arm of Muslim Brotherhood organization within Yemen's legitimacy.

The peaceful demonstrators took to the Independence Square near the STC's local headquarters in al-Ghaida, raising the flags of the South and portraits of the STC leaders. They also carried banners, placards and slogans to reflect their solidarity with the STC and the southern forces, in addition to display their anger and their resentment toward the presence of Muslim Brotherhood-linked troops in the province.

The southern masses issued a statement to confirm that:

1- Al-Mahra is an essential part of the South and its southern identity can never be obliterated or wiped out.

2- Al-Mahra rejects any form of tutelage, marginalization, exclusion and/or being represent it or talking in behalf of it in a way that not reflect the will of its people.

3- Al-Mahra declares its full and unequivocal support for the STC and self-rule in the south.

4- Al-Mahra appreciates the key role played by the Arab Coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to establish peace in the homeland and protect it against foreign interference and ambitions, affirming that Al-Mahra and all the South stand by the Arab Coalition and its project to promote the Arab nation and protect its national security.

5- The huge flows of people expressing the collective will of Al-Mahra must be taken into account by the Arab Coalition.

6- Al-Mahra renews its confidence in the STC negotiating team in Riyadh.

7- Al-Mahra rejects any offending against its symbols and its dignitaries, first and foremost,  the head of the the General Council, Sultan Abdullah bin Isa bin Afrar.

8- Al-Mahra rejects the armed militias which represent foreign agendas aiming to undermine security and stability in the province.

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