South Yemen: The Muslim Brotherhood in Shabwa kills two and kidnaps a media activist


Mon, 07-09-2020 11:14 AM, Aden Time

Shabwa (South24, Aden Press)

Government security forces of the Islah party government in Shabwa governorate killed two people, one of them a soldier in the Shabwani Elite Forces, on Sunday.

Security forces affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood assassinated the soldier in the Shabwani Elite Forces (Rami bin Ahmed bin Ali bin Rashid), on Sunday morning, in the Gul al-Raida area in Shabwa governorate, local activists said.

Hours after Rasheed was killed, local sources in Shabwa told "South24" that the security forces of the Muslim Brotherhood in the governorate also killed Abu Bakr Ahmed, at the Jalfuz point at the entrance to Ataq, because of the presence of the southern flag in his car.

Media activist Rami Ba-Makhshab from Ataq city

In addition, the Aden Press website said, that the Islah militias (Yemen's Muslim Brotherhood) abducted late on Sunday evening the media activist Rami Ba-Makhshab from Ataq city, the provincial capital of Shabwa, and took him to an unknown destination, human rights and local sources said.

The same sources also added that dozen of people, including journalist and activists had been illegally arrested by the Brotherhood's militias in the province for supporting the Southern Transitional Council.
It's worth mentioning that Islah-linked gunmen continue their arrests, crackdown on the Southerners in regions under their control, in particular in Shabwa province where dozens of people, including officials, senior tribal figures and even children are still under incommunicado detention since August last year.

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