South Yemen: Attack drones against southern forces in Abyan


Sun, 04-10-2020 10:21 PM, Aden

Aden (south24)

Military sources in South Yemen announced that a drone belonging to the Yemeni government forces in Abyan governorate bombed the areas of the southern forces on Sunday evening.

The spokesman for the southern forces in the Abyan front, Mohammad al-Naqib, said on Twitter, "At exactly six o'clock in the evening, a drone belonging to the terrorist enemy militia (the Muslim Brotherhood) launches projectiles towards our forces' areas in the coastal sector."

This is the first time that the use of attack drones has been announced, since the start of the fighting with the STC in May 2020.

This attack coincides with Saudi-led peace efforts to successfully implement the Riyadh Agreement.
Political sources had told South24 that there was progress in implementing the Riyadh Agreement, and that the new government would be announced in the coming days.

Southern officials accuse extremist parties in the Yemeni government, funded by Qatar, of seeking to thwart peace efforts in southern Yemen.

In September, news reports revealed that Turkey supplied drones to the Muslim Brotherhood militia in Shabwa governorate.

"Turkish officers, in Shabwa governorate, are training armed elements to use drones", the daily Al-Ayyam newspaper said.

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