Security Belt to «South24»: We managed to arrest the «terrorist attack» executors in Zinjibar


Sun, 13-06-2021 07:01 PM, Aden

Aden (South24)

Security forces in South Yemen announced on Sunday the arrest of an "accused" cell of executing the "terrorist" attack carried out against a soldier truck last Friday in Zinjibar, Abyan just after 48 hours of the incident.

The attack led to the death of 7 soldiers from the 3rd Brigade Backup and Support and at least 25 wounded including civilians.

The Mental Guidance Department (MGD) in the Security Belt forces and the Rapid Deployment force, specialized in counter-terrorism in Abyan stated that it managed to "capture the terrorist attack executors which took place last Friday". 

The MGD director in Security Belt forces in Abyan, Ibrahim Syoud confirmed in a special statement to "South24" that investigations with the accusers "revealed that the terrorist attack took place by a remote-controlled bombed car". 

"Investigation and surveillance teams succeed in identifying the terrorist attack team members and identify their locations" Syoud added. 

He also pointed out the Security Belt forces raided several locations where the terrorist cell members were hiding and arrested them" on Sunday. 

"Two accused members (A. M. B.) and (M. Kh.) [Their names' initials] confessed during investigations with sensitive details on the execution method and other cell members", Syoud told "South24".

Security forces did not reveal further details on the attack sponsors and if organizations' such as AQAP, Islah party or the Houthis are involved.

Security Belt forces said that accused cell members were held in custody to conduct primary investigations and collect evidence which will be transformed later to competent authorities to take legal actions. 

Security forces published photos for the accusers during their arrest.

"We will not relent or tolerate with anyone seeking to destabilize the security and stability of Abyan or our Southern nation", the leadership of Security Belt forces added. 

During the past weeks, Abyan witnessed a series of bloody attacks that all targeted pro-STC Security Belt forces checkpoints, officers and private houses and headquarters in South Yemen.

AQAP claimed responsibility for a couple of those attacks. The attacks focused on Al Mahfad, Al Wade'a, Lawdar, Ahwar, Dathenah and other areas in Abyan governorate. 

According to the news website "Yemen News"; the number of attacks against the Security Belt forces in the governorate during the recent period was (18) operation which had led to the death of (58) person and (67) civilian and military officers wounded. 

On Saturday, a meeting was held between the STC president and military and security commanders in Aden which confirmed the "importance of continuing the security campaign to track and pursuit terrorist elements and reaching their nests and cells as well for the restraint of lawbreakers according to the approved security plan in this regard".

Security Belt forces play a central role in countering terrorism in South Yemen for years. It managed by the support of the UAE to dismiss AQAP members from a number of strategic regions in South. But after the control of pro-government forces on Shabwah and parts of Abyan, coming from Marib governorate, the role of these forces backed down in particular after removing Elite Shabwah forces from Shabwah in August 2019. 

- Photo: Two men, the security forces in Abyan said that they are accused of being behind the Zinjibar attack (official)

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