Southern forces in Khabar al-Maraqsha in Abyan. September 11, 2022 (Southern Forces)

Southern Forces Pursue AQAP Strongholds in Abyan


Sun, 11-09-2022 04:35 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24) 

Today, the Southern forces stated that they managed to cleanse important AQAP strongholds in Abyan governorate, South Yemen.

According to the official website of the Southern forces, on Sunday morning, clashes erupted between the Security Belt forces backed by Abyan military axis forces and AQAP members on the other hand, in Wadi Seri in the Khobar Al-Maraqsha area.

AQAP organization, which is active in some areas of Yemen, suffered heavy losses during the confrontations, according to the website.

The Southern forces spokesperson Mohammad Al-Naqib said that the Southern forces participating in the "Eastern Arrows" operation, were able to control Wadi al-Naseel and Wadi Mughan, where the strongholds of "terrorist organizations" were located.

According to AIC, the Southern forces took control of "Akad" military camp and "Seri" military camp, where AQAP members were stationed, in the central region of Abyan.

The Southern forces were deployed in the districts of Lauder, Al-Wadaya, Mudiyah and Al-Mahfad. These districts were used to be a safe haven for some of AQAP members.

Last Tuesday, the Southern forces were subjected to a violent attack by AQAP militants targeting a security checkpoint for the pro-STC Security Belt forces in Ahwar district of Abyan governorate. The attack left 21 soldiers dead, and eight AQAP members dead, according to the Yemeni Interior Ministry.

Yesterday, the joint Southern forces announced the launch of a large-scale military operation - "Southern Arrows" - against AQAP in Shabwa governorate.

South24 correspondent reported that the Southern forces deployed in Al-Masaniah district and took control of one of "AQAP" camps, and arrested the brother of a senior commander in the organization, while continuing to pursue the rest of the organization's members in mountains located between the governorates of Shabwa and Abyan.

Today, the media center of the Shabwa Defense Forces stated that the joint forces raided the sites of AQAP in "Wadi Sara", "Shaab Al-Taffa" and "Shab Mathab", and seized explosive devices and belts.

On August 28, AQAP released an audio statement of "Abu Ali Al-Hadrami" in which he commented on the events in Shabwa governorate, which ended with the expulsion of pro-Islamist forces in the governorate. He called the organization to fight against the STC and what he described as "militias" supported by the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

On September 4, AQAP published a video clip showing a United Nations worker who was kidnapped in February 2022 in the Abyan governorate, according to a report published by the American Site website, which specializes in armed groups.

The American website said that "Akam Sefyol" is facing "serious health problems", including heart problems that require "immediate medical support".

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