An art festival on the 55th anniversary of the Southern Independence Day, November 30, 2022, in the city of Mukalla, Hadramout (Aidrous Al-Khulaifi/South24 Center)

South Yemen Governorates Commemorate the 55th Independence Anniversary


Wed, 30-11-2022 04:28 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Today, thousands of Southerners celebrated the 55th anniversary of the independence day (November 30, 1967) from the British colonialism, in major Southern cities.

In the city of Mukalla, the capital city of Hadramout governorate, the STC organized an art festival in which prominent officials delivered speeches.

The STC Presidency member Ali Al-Kathiri, warned of any plans aiming to divide Hadramout governorate and said that "Hadramis will stand in the way of these plans."

Al-Kathiri added, "The First Military District's forces that invaded Hadramout in 1994 must depart."

Al-Kathiri sent a message to the Arab Coalition stating: "We gave, and we are giving our brothers in the Arab Coalition the sufficient amount of time to implement the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement, which stipulated the removal of all military forces from the land of South."

As for the governorate of Shabwa, a mass art festival was held in the city of Ataq, the capital city of the governorate, in which the participants raised the national flag of South Yemen.

In Lahj governorate, hundreds of people gathered at the Tahrir Square in the city of Al-Houta. Participants chanted slogans calling for the second independence of South and the restoration of the pre-1990 political situation with North Yemen.

On the island of Socotra near the Gulf of Aden, the people of the strategic archipelago held a celebratory event in the capital, Hadibu, on the independence anniversary, which was attended by military and civilian officials.

Yesterday, Abyan governorate witnessed the largest popular event since the expulsion of AQAP in Zinjibar, the governorate capital city, on the November 30 anniversary.

In Al-Mahra governorate, a mass festival was held in Al-Masila district, attended by hundreds from the governorate carrying the flags of South and the Arab Coalition states.

Top STC official Nasser Al-Khobaji said that the celebrations in Abyan "carries deep connotations after the victory of the Southern forces, in partnership with the Arab Coalition, over the terrorist organizations."

In a related context, Northern official Tariq Saleh said that the November 30 anniversary "reaffirms the role of Aden and South in the context of the battle towards the liberation of Sanaa."

The PLC member added, in a tweet: "On this day, the sun of freedom shone over South, and a national state was established."

PLC Chairman Rashad Al-Alimi also praised the anniversary. "We renew that we are on the path of freedom, justice and partnership," he said.

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