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Abyan: Senior AQAP Member Arrested by the Southern Forces


Sun, 06-08-2023 04:53 PM, Aden

Abyan (South24) 

Today, the Southern forces arrested a senior AQAP member during a security campaign in Mudiyah district, in the center of Abyan governorate (east of Aden).

A high-ranking security source told "South24 Center" that the Southern forces arrested the senior AQAP member "Abu Al-Qaqa" and another member of the organization.

Photo: Senior AQAP member "Abu Al-Qaqa" - security source to "South24 Center"

"South24 Center" obtained an exclusive photo showing the senior member on a military armored vehicle belonging to the anti-terrorism forces in Abyan governorate.

Also, the Southern forces launched a security campaign to pursue AQAP members in the center of Abyan governorate.

The official "Deraa Aljanoob" website reported that the campaign, in which the Security Belt Forces, local police, and Abyan Military Axis are participating, spread in Mudiya district.

"The campaign aims to track and trace terrorist elements in the valleys, rugged mountains, and some remote areas in Mudiya district," the statement added.

The statement referred to the deployment of the forces participating in the campaign at the entrances to Wadi Oemran, which was previously the largest stronghold of AQAP in the Arabian Peninsula.

A security source told "South24 Center" the deployment of the Southern security forces in "Al-Baqira" area of Mudiya district, where bloody bombings carried out by AQAP took place.

This campaign comes after dozens of bombings and operations carried out by AQAP in recent weeks against the Southern forces.

Most of the attacks were concentrated in Mudiya district, one of the districts in the central areas of Abyan governorate, in which AQAP affiliated "Ansar Al-Sharia" group has spread for decades.

In a related context, AQAP claimed today their responsibility, for an attack with projectiles that fell in the vicinity of the Balhaf gas facility in Shabwa on Saturday.

The organization said that it used a number of Grad missiles to carry out the attack. A security source had revealed to "South24 Center" that yesterday, projectiles of unknown type had fallen in the vicinity of the strategic facility.

The source stated that the attack did not cause any human or material damage.

In a related context, another security campaign launched by the security forces in Lahj governorate continues to counter bandits in Mudaraba and Ras Al-Ara districts.

The governor of Lahj, Major General Ahmed Al-Turki, had directed a few days ago to start a security campaign to extend security in the district, which witnessed disruptions to travelers and the spread of drugs.

Yesterday, the Security Belt Forces in Al-Dhalea governorate announced that they had thwarted the smuggling of 37 mm artillery ammunition that was enroute outside the governorate.

The commander of the Security Belt in Lahj, Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Qubbah, said that investigations are under way to find out who attempted to smuggle the ammunition.

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