The four cell members accused of assassinating Jawas and Al-Dharhani (screenshot - official)

The Revealing of a Yemeni Cell Identity Accused of Carrying Bombings in Aden


Thu, 02-06-2022 03:15 PM, Aden

Aden (South24) 

Security authorities in Aden revealed a cell, which they described as a "terrorist", involved in carrying out two assassination attempts using explosive devices in Aden on mid-May and last March that led to the death of a senior military commander and others, according to video confessions of three members of the cell.

The Southern Counter-Terrorism Units of the STC released a 25-minute video revealing the details of the failed assassination attempt of Major General Saleh Al-Dharhani, head of the Southern Forces Joint Operations, on May 15, 2022 in Al-Mualla, Aden, after they arrested three members of the cell (Mohammed Ali Mohsen Abd Rabbo Al-Azani, Abd al-Karim Ali Mohsen Abd Rabbo al-Azani and Raqia Saeed Salam Radman).

The Counter-Terrorism Unit led by Major General Shallal Ali Shaye' said that Al-Mualla explosive operation "confirms coordination between the Houthis and terrorist organizations."

The video included a footage from a surveillance camera of the cell's movements in several neighborhoods inside Aden until the moment the vehicle that was placed next to Al-Mualla police station and a children's park exploded.

Mohammad Al-Azani said in the confession video that he participated in the assassination of Major General Thabet Jawas, commander of Al-Anad Axis, on March 23, and the assassination attempt on Major General Saleh Al-Dharhani on May 15 "under the directions of Mohammad Al-Maisari."

An explosive vehicle crashed into the commander of the Al-Anad military axis Major General Jawas's car, while it was parked in front of Al-Yamda petrol station at the entrance to the Green City, east of Aden, killing Jawas and three of his companions, one of whom was his son, and wounding three others.

In the confession video, the cell members explained how they planned and coordinated to carry out the assassination attempt on Major General Al-Dharhani in Al-Mualla using explosive device and implementing the instructions of "Mohammed Al-Maisari" who is based in the city of Al-Turbah in Taiz governorate.

The city of Al-Turbah is under the control of Taiz military axis of the Islamic Islah party and affiliate to the Yemeni government.

Mohammad Al-Maisari is wanted by the security authorities in Aden, pending his accusation of carrying out an assassination attempt on the governor of Aden on October 10, 2021, which left six people dead, including three journalists and a civilian.

On December 2021, the Security Committee accused Al-Maisari of implementing this operation in coordination with a "terrorist" cell that also participated in the Aden Airport gate bombing on October 30, 2021, which killed dozens of civilians. At the time, the committee accused the perpetrator of the operation of having ties with the commander of the Yemeni Transportation Brigade, Amjad Khaled, who is located in Taiz, North Yemen.

At that time, the committee said that “the investigations proved that the planning and executing parties consisted of a joint cell, funded and directed by the Houthis, with the cooperation of terrorist elements led by the so-called Mohammad Ahmed Yahya Al-Maisari, and the so-called Ahmed Ali Ahmed Al-Mashdali Al-Baydani.” While the planner and implementer of the Aden airport gate attack “consists of a network of directed and financed by the Houthis, and carried out by terrorist members led by the so-called Saleh Wadih Saleh Al-Haddad". According to the statement.

The statement also revealed that "the main perpetrators of the two terrorist operations are individuals who follow one of the senior commanders of a military brigade," referring to the commander of the Transportation Brigade, Amjad Khaled, who is also residing in Taiz, and was mentioned by one of the cell members who were interrogated.

The security statement said that "the higher authorities will be contacted to take the necessary measures regarding" Khaled's relationship with the members carrying out Aden's attacks.

Neither the authorities in Taiz nor the government agencies have commented on this information or have taken any action in this regard so far.

Amjad Khaled's name was mentioned in a number of security incidents and attacks that targeted journalists and officials in the city of Aden.

The Director of Criminal Investigation in Aden, Major General Saleh Al-Qimli, had revealed in June 2021 to "South24" that "there are five suspects" in connection with the crime of assassinating AFP photographer and journalist Nabil Al-Quaiti on June 2, 2020. "They are fighting in the name of the so-called Amjad," Al-Qimli said.

Al-Qimli said that these members "are being protected by government-affiliate military commanders and are hiding in government military bases in eastern Abyan and the West Coast."

Today, June 2, 2022, marks the second anniversary of the assassination of the photographer Al-Quaiti, while those accused of his murder are still at large. Activists and journalists plan to launch a campaign to demand the disclosure of the killers of journalist Nabil Al-Qaiti.

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